Square table and 4 upholstered Bistro chairs 6018 / 719

Custom made, you can choose the color of te wood and the upholstery
467 EUR /piece
Minimal order: 1

The bistro furniture set consists of a square table and 4 chairs, made of bentwood.
Bistro table. Table top dimensions: 70cm x 70 cm, H = 76cm. Made of beech wood with table MDF veneered top . Available with round table top. Upholstered chair 6018. Bentwood chairs made of beech wood, very light 3.5 kilograms, but very resistant, designed as furniture for bar, bistro restaurant, cafes, clubs, restaurants, pizzeria. Dimensions: width 420 mm, 520 mm depth, h seat / H total 450/870 mm.
Packaging: bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard

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