lemn de fag
Beech wood
We use hardwood brought only a few kilometers from the factory. Because it is a dense beech wood is very durable and does not deform over time. This wood has a higher quality than the one used in products imported from abroad (usually "rubber wood").
You can choose the color of the wood and the upholstery that you like. Besides you can change certain aspects of the products (ie countertops tables size) if this is technically feasible.
lemn de fag
lemn de fag
Competitive prices
We constantly follow the market prices of furniture to make sure that we have the best prices on the products we offer. The prices offered by the local retailers may even be two or three times higher than ours.
We have a few decades of experience in the manufacture of furniture, in Romania we are the main supplier of solid wood furniture for HoReCa (see portofolio)
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