Mobirom is a leader in the production of wooden chairs and tables for restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, bars, and bistros in the HORECA sector.

Custom Offer for the Horeca Sector:

  • We engage in long-term partnerships, based on trust and quality;
  • We offer flexibility for large volume orders;
  • We provide various finishing options tailored to your needs;
  • Upon request, we send color samples for wood and upholstery samples to assist in your decision-making process;
  • We accept client-supplied upholstery without additional costs and with corresponding price adjustments;
  • We are open to adaptations of our products as long as the production process allows it.

Special Offer for Resellers:

  • We offer solid long-term partnerships;
  • We provide direct access to our factory for complete transparency;
  • We are open to audit requests, guaranteeing product quality;
  • You can benefit from using our promotional materials to boost your sales.

Collaboration Proposal for Interior Design Companies:

  • Opportunity for a lasting and productive collaboration;
  • We provide 3D models of our products for high-quality renderings;
  • We are open to developing new products inspired by your creative concepts and vision;
  • We offer exclusive access to our factory for a better understanding of the production process.

Our Projects:

We invite you to discover our portfolio with some of our most successful projects.


For any questions or to request a quote, please use the contact form beside or call us directly at: tel: 0745230594.

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