Thonet chairs

Mobirom is one of the few companies that continue the legacy of the Mundus corporation, which merged with Gebruder Thonet in 1922. This historic merger paved the way for Mobirom to uphold the traditions and innovations of the furniture industry.

Mundus and Thonet Merger Image

Central to this legacy is Michael Thonet, a key figure in furniture design, known for inventing the steam-bending wood technique. This method, still in use today in its original form by Mobirom, has been a cornerstone of traditional craftsmanship. Thonet is widely recognized as one of the most influential furniture designers in history. His Thonet No. 14 chair was the first mass-produced chair, achieving over 50 million sales. The chair represents more than just a piece of furniture; it symbolizes the beginning of modern manufacturing and the availability of quality design to a broader audience.

Thonet chairs, famed for their graceful, curved lines and innovative bentwood technique, represent a fusion of art and functionality. Their distinct aesthetic, featuring elegant arches and minimalistic forms, has made them a staple in stylish interiors, from cafes to contemporary homes, exemplifying timeless design and enduring comfort.